I’m a survivor

Our anon blogger has done it again!


download“I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it, I will survive, keep on surviving”

Now that I’ve got that song in your head I’m going to explain why these lyrics are ME.

My last blogs have been a bit doom and gloom but here’s one of me on the other side (almost). I’m not going to say I won’t relapse or indulge in any behaviours that I’ve used as coping mechanisms but what I am saying is that I’ve got some much needed respite from it.

Part of this could be down to meeting my boyfriend, but a huge part is also down to me. I don’t want this to be a massive post of me bigging myself up, but ultimately I am the primary reason for getting to where I am now.

images (2)As the song lyrics say, I’m going to make it, I am a survivor and I’ll keep on surviving.

Mental health is being spoken about more now, but people still don’t realise how much of a killer it is. Suicide very often isn’t a ‘choice’, when you’re in that situation, there is no choice about it, it feels like death is the only outcome.

I’m lucky now to say that I was in that situation, but I spoke out about it, not publicly, but a few of my close friends knew, and I only got close to acting twice. So this is how I can say I’m a survivor, and I will keep on surviving.

images (1)I am 100% proud to be a survivor and 100% grateful that I am still here. I never wanted to die, not really, I just saw no other way, but thankfully I do now. Bad days will still happen but with the right treatment and support networks, the consequences of these days can be minimal.

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