Going to London to buy heat magazine!


Ok, you got me, I am not going to buy heat magazine but I am going to London


I am on the train to London and although the anxiousness has subsided dramatically from when I woke up this morning I am sat here writing to distract. I have the plan in my head.

download (1).jpegReading, I get my make up out, moisturise and then put on foundation over my acne spots, a bit of highlighter, eye shizz and lippie, now I am over thinking again. What colour is appropriate for Parliament red or dark. I mean is dark to teenager goth and is red to in your face. My life! My brain I mean really who cares!

Today I have the amazing honour of attending the Houses of Parliament to talk to the members about Post Natal Mental Health. I couldn’t be more in shock. When I first started speaking out my one intention was to help some people just realise that they were normal. That has amazingly grown to me being involved in Welsh Government papers and now this.

download (2).jpeg

I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what is going to happen. People ask me if that sets off my anxiety and the honest answer is no. You see when you are talking about you. About your experience, your truth then there is no wrong answer. Whatever I say today about my experiences are my experiences.

Nearly at Didcot now and I have done my morning check of work and done some things that I have needed too for a while. Call planned for when I get off the train at Reading and route to meet with the others who are attending today also planned. Wow, so far, so good!

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