Falling Into Relapse

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You know that dream we’ve all had at least once where you’re falling and you jolt awake?

Imagine now that you’re awake but falling, but you manage to grip onto a rock. All ten fingers start off on the rock hanging on for dear life. At the top of the cliff is ‘normality’ and at the bottom is relapse. One by one your fingers lose their grip and you’re desperately clinging on.

You’ve got your friends and family waiting at the top cheering you on, telling you to keep going, but you’ve also got those that are true down the bottom to catch you if you do fall.

This is where I am at the moment, I’ve got around 3 fingers clinging on but things are trying to pull me down. It gets tough fighting every day, but we do it because the alternative is worse. You don’t really get tired of life you just get tired of fighting, but as I’m told: You only lose the battle when you stop fighting and tough times don’t last, tough people do. Both of these sayings are what we need to keep telling ourselves.

Often we don’t know how to help ourselves so how do others know how to? I don’t know, but the true ones will be there anyway; if you fall they’ll catch you, if you don’t,and you make it back to the top then they’ll celebrate with you. Remember that when you feel lost, remember your support network. I’m trying because I’m told it gets better.


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