About Us

The Low Down

My Discombobulated Brain aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health head on, while offering a source of support and education to those who are affected by these issues. The charity came from the experience of what it was like to watch someone you love, and personally, go through mental health issues including the stigma that goes along side it.


The Stories We Share

We guarantee 100% that we will ONLY ever use real people’s stories. These stories are from their point of view and can help others see what people with mental illnesses go through on a daily basis


Our Committee & Aims

We have made sure that the committee for My Discombobulated Brain has people that enrich and support the aims of the organisation. These aims are simple really:

1.To raise awareness about mental health. We want people who suffer to not feel alone and realise that seeking help for your brain should be the same as seeking help for your knee!

2.To educate young people, educators and parents about communication and mental health.

3.To support people with mental health issues.

I am lucky enough to call everyone on the committee a friend or family member. I personally hand picked each of the members for their amazing qualities and each is a massive asset to My Discombobulated Brain.

As well as having a Psychiatric Doctor, Clinical Lecturer and Traumatic Stress Researcher on the board, we also have an amazing team who run our YouTube channel.

We are also very honoured to be able to work with the National Centre of Mental Health.


Meet the Team

George Asprou

Laura Jane Dernie

Will Jones

Owen Davies