What our supporters say

“Despite it being 2016, Mental Health, its treatment, its understanding and its acceptance is still very much set back in the 1800’s…. whilst medical science, technology and social norms seem to take massive strides each and every day, our own brains and how we are wired are still very misunderstood. Because of this, campaigns such as #sicknotsad are vital to encourage change and fantastic to show support. No one is the same, no one “normal ” , we’re all different and wonderful in our own way.”

– Matt Black

“Supporting you guys because it is such an important topic. Something that can affect anyone and any time regardless of sex, colour or background. We need more info, education and understanding. Good work!”

– Tracy Gilmor

“Helping to raise awareness for those that suffer with mental health issues.”

– David Humphries

“Making mental health a non taboo subject is a brilliant thing to strive for.”

– Lisa Lewis

“I support because mental health is an illness and not a stigma.”

– Louise Sharp

“I think it is important mental health should be discussed more openly so that early signs can be recognised in the same way as any other illness and early treatment will help a quicker recovery in shorter timescales.”

– Cllr Mike Jones Leader of Cheshire West & Chester Council Conservative Group

“To raise awareness of mental health #sicknotsad #YouAreNotAlone.”

– Eluned Parrott, Welsh Lib Dem AM for Cardiff Central

“I am supporting this movement because mental health is something that is taking people’s lives as we speak, it’s something close to my heart with previous experiences and also having clients who suffered from mental health issues. I believe we can all take steps to helping change the number of lives lost by sharing our stories and being there when someone needs you most.”

– Daniel Merrix

“Raising awareness is one of the most important things you can do. Your experience with mental health matters.💗”

– Lana Hughes

“I am supporting this movement because I am a sufferer of mental illness”

– Frances Rebecca

“I’ve been helping to raise awareness of mental ill health for some time and trying to tackle the stigma that is associated with it. This is largely driven by my experience of bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and everything that comes with it. I talk very openly about all of these things.”

– Mark Smith, Making Minds

“I love what you are doing with your website and raising awareness, and as a result support for mental illness.”

– Vicky Lambert

“I support this because it can happen to anyone anytime, just like any other illness #sicknotsad.” 

– Martyn Harris