Falling Into Relapse

Another amazing blog from our amazing anon blogger. We really love them!  _________________________ You know that dream we’ve all had at least once where you’re falling and you jolt awake? Imagine now that you’re awake but falling, but you manage to grip onto a rock. All ten fingers start off on the rock hanging on… Continue reading Falling Into Relapse

I’m a survivor

Our anon blogger has done it again! _____________________________ “I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it, I will survive, keep on surviving” Now that I’ve got that song in your head I’m going to explain why these lyrics are ME. My last blogs have been a bit doom and gloom but here’s one of me on… Continue reading I’m a survivor

Problem with open door policies

This was written by an amazing friend of mine who doesn’t want to be named. Enjoy. ________________________________________ World is becoming a lot more understanding and a lot more tolerant of people with mental health issues. On the surface this is a good thing in fact even if you dig deeper it’s a very good thing.… Continue reading Problem with open door policies

Dating With Mental Illness Third-wheeling It

Another amazing blog from our anon Bipolar blogger _________________________________________ Unfortunately with me at the moment, although I’m in a better place, my mental illness is the 3rd wheel, three’s a crowd has never been truer. I met this guy that for once I’m interested in and he’s interested in me. The first date although nerve… Continue reading Dating With Mental Illness Third-wheeling It

It has been a while!

It’s been a while since I have personally written a blog for Discombob. This is for many a reason, one other people give us blogs and realistically they are better than mine. Also I  have just not been able to write for some reason. I am currently stood up writing this on the window sill… Continue reading It has been a while!

A mentally challenging sport, with a mental health disorder

When this appeared in our inbox from someone I immediately asked if we could post it…they said yes by the way!  _______________________________ Ask anyone that competes competitively and they will agree that alongside physical strength being challenged, a perhaps equal part of mental strength is also being put to the test. The highs and lows… Continue reading A mentally challenging sport, with a mental health disorder

Meet Becky

Becky is one of the amazing people that I know! I am super chuffed we have a blog from her for you. ____________________ The first time I remember struggling with my mental health was when my parents divorced. I was seven years old, and couldn’t understand why I felt sad all the time. Throughout my… Continue reading Meet Becky