BDP Sucks

We have an amazing new blog from our anon blogger.


There is a side to me that most people I know don’t see.

Only a handful of my closest friends. This hidden side doesn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings because facing the day can be too painful, no matter how much the other side fakes a smile. The hidden side goes out and socialises but doesn’t want to, because it’s safer to stay at home. It tells you no matter what you do it’s not good enough as it compares you to those around you. This side is making you feel alone even though you’re surrounded by people. It makes you push the people that matter far away so that you won’t get hurt and it prevents you from fulfilling a normal life when it decides it wants to be in charge. It takes your emotions and intensifies them so that each one you feel 10x more than normal, be it happiness, anger, sadness, frustration you name it. Most importantly this side is misunderstood, and very little people know about it.

This side is BPD and it sucks


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